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Apel pou Monte

The Upward call

The Upward Call –Apel pon Monte---The world and Satan and our own desires draw us downward. This book on discpleship calls us upward. It gives direction in developing a servant heart. Each lesson includes a personal inventory, study questions and applications. Ideal for group study.

Bon Grenn nan

The Good Seed—Bon Gren nan---This book is a daily devotional. Each day’s meditation is both in French and Creole.

Dans le ventre de la Baleine

Mirror of the Martyrs

L'Imperatif de la Purete

Morale The Moral Purity Imperative

The Moral Purity Imperative—L’imperatif de la purete morale---The author forcibly presents principles for the provision of moral purity, perversions of moral purity, and how moral purity will express itself in everyday life. ---French

Lavi Fanmi Kretyen An

Christian Family Life

Lavi Kris Dezyem Pati

The Life of Christ (Book2)

Lavi Kris Premye Pati

The Life of Christ (Book 1)

Le Gardien de mon Frere

My Brothers Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper—La guardien do mon frère---Read this book to learn practical ways to gain and keep true brotherhood.---French

Le Royaume qui a Renverse le Monde

The kingdom that turned the world upside down

The Kingdom That Turned the World Upside Down—Le royaume quio a renverse le monde---The Kingdom of God is very different from that of the world. This book shows how the teachings of Jesus have turned the world upside down. Many of Jesus teachings have been abandoned today. This book calls to deep discipleship.

Le Veritable Chretien

The True Christian

The True Christian—Le veritable chretien---Presents the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount one by one with illustrations form everyday life. The writer asks some hard questions about your life and your walk with God.

Mourir a soi pour Vivre

Dying to Live with Christ

Dying to Live With Christ—Mourir a soi pour vivre avec le Christ---An inspirational book expounding “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” which can make you “free from the law of sin and death.”

Repons Biblik Tou Pare

Ready Bible Answers

Ready Bible Answers—Respons Biblik Toupare-- -Gives the Bible answers and responses for many neglected teachings today.



Originally designed for CAM’s SALT Microfinance clients, this teaching manual is also ideal for mission settings. Each lesson addresses a Biblical principle, such as stewardship, morality, and the godly family. Real-life examples in the lessons help the group apply Biblical principles to everyday life. Questions at the end of the lessons provide a platform for group discussion. Includes black and white illustrations.


Swiv Jesu

Following Jesus