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Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Study Books

Adult Bible Studies Grouping---A set of eight paperback study guides for adults with study questions presented in varied formats. Each has approximately 60 pages.

Maryaj Kretyen Nou

The Christian Marriage

The Christian Marriage---This is the most desired and used of the series. It presents a much needed Biblical approach to marriage and the home.


Bondye Renmen Ou Anpi

God Loves You Very Much

Grandi Nan Etid Biblik

Growing in Studying the Bible

Bon Nouvel Konsenan Jezi

Good News Concerning Jesus

Grandi nan Lavi Kretyen

Growing in Your Christian Life

Grandi Pou Jwenn Matirite

Growing to Find Maturity

Kominike Lafwa Kretyen Nou

Communicating Our Christian faith

Travay Apot Yo

Acts of the Apostles

Kigan Lalwa a Mennen NOU NAN KRIS

How the Law Leads you to Christ (A Study of the Tabernacle)

The tabernacle book is an in-depth study of how the tabernacle, its furnishings and fixtures, all point us to the blessed salvation that is to be found in Christ. God “hid” these things for us in the Law, and this study is an attempt to reveal some of those “hidden things” that surround the tabernacle.

Komansman Lavi Kretyen An

Beginning the Christian Life

An excellent Bible Study for new believers, with teachers guide.

Konkodans Bib La

Bible Concordance

by Jim Ross. This is a concordance for the Bib La for pastors and leaders. Based on the 1999 edition of the Creole Bib La, this must-have reference tool compares to our English Strong’s Concordance and enables the Creole reader to look up any word in the Bib La, see how many times the word is used, and find all the verses containing the word. Large, hard-cover book with three columns on each page.

Konfesyon Lafwa

Statement of Faith

Tras Pye Kris yo

The Footsteps of Christ

In Creole

Set Let pou Tout Legliz

Seven Letters for the Churches

Beje a E Travay Li

The Shepherd and his Work