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How Can I Receive Literature

LIFE has developed an accountability program. When a new church desires to set up an account to receive literature and Bibles the pastor of the church must come personally to subscribe and present a certificate of ordination. LIFE’s inspector greets each one and talks with them about their church. The new pastor then fills out an authorization form which allows us to gather information such as, church name, address, some references from the church, telephone numbers, etc.

Our inspector will visit the new church sometime in the following week and will meet with the pastor and a few other church leaders. He will inquire how long has the church been functioning? How many people are in the congregation? How do you plan to use the literature you get from LIFE?

Each visit usually takes an hour or more. The inspector fills out an inspection form for each church he visits and this form is then combined with the authorization form and filed away for future reference. Thus begins our accountability program.

Feel free to download our prequalification form, print, and bring to our office:

PDF DownloadAuthorization Form

PDF DownloadRequirements for Enrolling