Life Literature

Literature International For Evangelism

Creole Bibles and
Christian Literature for
the People of Haiti

"My word...shall not return to me void...."
Isaiah 55:11

Bibles and Christian Literature in Haitian Creole

Currently Life Literature distributes over 1,000,000 tracts and nearly 100,000 Bibles, Bible study and Bible storybooks annually to Haiti.

Who Is LIFE Literature?

Founded by the late Lester Miller, and operating under Life Ministries until 2012, LIFE Literature is responding to the need for Christian literature in Haiti in the Creole language.

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  1. Where is your distribution center?
  2. How can my mission or pastor receive literature?
  3. What are the costs of your literature?
  4. How can I contribute to your program?
  5. Can I order online?
  6. When are your offices open?
  7. Do you have literature in other languages?

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How Can I Receive Literature?

After a pastor visits our warehouse, LIFE’s inspector will visit the new church and fill out an inspection form.

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